Game For Future 2020 and At What Cost

At What Cost is a strategy-management game that lets you live the experience of a Mayor and his responsibility towards the environment and their citizens. It has been developed during the Games For Future 2020 Game Jam in collaboration with Pasquale Moniello, Giovanni Palmitesta, Alessio Ebani e Elisa Bindi.


Fill the shoes of an Inuit grown far away from his birthplace in a mission to protect his people by becoming the mayor of a nearby town.

Take care of the environment, of your city and its citizens’ welfare with the resources you have at your disposal!

Make your choice and show the way for an eco-friendly economic growth, but be wary not to act in excess! Virtue lies in the middle!

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, there only costs and benefits.

What are you waiting for then? Play and ask yourself: At what Cost?